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3 Secrets to Affiliate Success

Every week, people ask me to tell them the ‘secret’ to making money online using affiliate products. The secret to making money with affiliate products is the same for any type of making money business. In fact it applies to off-line as well as online businesses. The secret is quite well known by successful people and involves just three easy steps.

1. The first step involves having a good product. As an affiliate marketer, you have tens of thousands of products at your disposal. By doing a search at either ClickBank or Commission Junction you will find a number of suitable products that you can promote.

2. To be successful with any type of business, your next objective is to locate prospects. And not just any prospect, you need prospects that may have an interest in the products that you are recommending. In the online world, we call this targeted traffic.

3. The final step is to motivate these targeted prospects to come into your store and consider buying your products. In the online world we call this visiting your sales page (or the sales page of your merchant).

That’s all there is to it. The process is really very simple. The problem is, steps 2 and 3 require you to do some work. And most people don’t do enough of it to achieve any real success. Once you have determined what methods you are going to use to accomplish steps 2 and 3, just do it. When you finish, do it again, and again. The process of generating sales is a never ending. Of course, once you begin to make big money, you can pay others to do the more mundane tasks. But to reach that level, you have to do the work…over and over.

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